We provide a comprehensive approach to planning, exhibition stand design and execution of cultural experiences. The company philosophy is based on the promise of building strong relationships and on our commitment to excellence in everything we do. From planning to design we exhibit in an innovative ways.

Giving life and meaning to the mission and collections of cultural organizations is the heart of excellent experiential design. The design of exhibit experiences with strong graphics and interactive components, supported by well-organized exhibition, creates context and personal connections for each and every visitor.

Heruvim Alliance has a skilled and diverse design team, fully integrated constructors and content development specialists to bring to completion outstanding exhibition stands and cultural experiences.

We are experts in organizing your participation at International Exhibitions and our services include Premium Space Booking, Design and Construction of high quality Exhibition Stands, transportation of products, handling all services in administrative and technical matters, custom made constructions, special lighting setups, graphics printing, rental of audio visual system, etc.


Experience: a team of professionals with many years’ experience in exhibition management, design and construction. We can call ourselves specialist on making the best design for every exhibition stand.

Recourses: our own production facilities fitted with up-to-date equipment.

Quality and deadlines: we guarantee the quality of our work and our ability to meet all deadlines. Our exhibition stand experts master to perfection the markets of all the countries we work with.


  • Design, Planning and Construction of high quality Exhibition Stands
  • Designing exhibition stands of any complexit
  • Handling all services in Administrative and Technical matters
  • Custom made Constructions
  • Two-stores stands
  • Transportation of Products
  • Special lighting setups
  • Graphics printing
  • Rental of audio visual system, etc.
  • Provide hostesses & interpreters
  • Organize trade shows &events
  • Technical support for conferences, seminars and corporate events
  • Design and production of advertising materials and souvenir for events